Launch of Air Power Asia

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         Despite being just a little over century old, air power has dominated all conflicts since World War 2. In last few decades it has become imperative to win the air war before surface forces can succeed, Arab-Israeli wars, Falklands, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan have all seen dominance of air power. Armies and Navies are investing significant parts of their budgets on air power compared to their organic systems like tanks, ships and submarines. Achieving a level of air supremacy will be the primary mission in any conflict. The primacy of Air Power will be a decisive factor in shaping the outcome of future conflicts.

         Anil Chopra Indian Air Force   Airpower  consists of the application of military aviation, military strategy, and strategy for use of air power for aerial warfare. 

Airpower began with the advent of powered flight early in the 20th century. After thin line between earth’s atmosphere and the vast space beyond got crossed with first space flight, it today represents the complex operating environment and is often termed Aerospace Power although militarisation of space remains regulated by international treaty. All airborne assets of the various agencies of a nation, including Army, Navy, state and civil air operators form part of the air power of any nation. Airpower is the ability to project power from the air and space to influence the behaviour of people or the course of events. It encompasses control of the air through offensive and defensive missions, air strikes, intelligence gathering, surveillance, reconnaissance and air mobility. Airpower can be considered a function of air supremacy. A combatant side that has 100% or near 100% control of the skies has air supremacy; an advantage of some 70–90% would indicate air superiority. A highly contested airspace over a battlefield full of anti-aircraft weapon systems could deny airspace to either user.

21st is the century of Asia. With rising China and India, all global economic and military action has shifted to Indo-Pacific region. As all eyes focus towards the region, how air power shapes in Asia will dictate the global power structure. I have therefore started a website to discuss Air Power Asia. Do visit, sign-up for mail (at the bottom of the website) and follow us on Twitter at @AirPowerAsia. Look forward to interacting with you all.

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I am the founder of Air Power Asia and a retired Air Marshal from the Indian Air Force.

12 thoughts on “Launch of Air Power Asia

  1. Sir, look forward to read on this topic from a true professional . I am keen student of Military affairs, Strategic issues and espionage.

    Recommended by Col SD Malhotra , our neighbor but great friend.

    All the best sir.


  2. Thanks for starting this website. It will be very useful for me to increase knowledge of Military aspects. Good Luck Sir. JAI HIND


  3. Sir chanced upon your initiative very recently. Highly informative. As a student of air power, I look forward to it. Regards and Good wishes.


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