Apache and Chinook – Rotary Wing Capability Boost – IAF

The first India Air Force (IAF) squadron of the 22 Apache AH-64 E(I) attack helicopter was formed at Pathankot in September 2019. Selected air and ground crew had undergone training at the training facilities at US Army base Fort Rucker, Alabama. The Apache will be a significant boost to IAF’s combat capability. The helicopter isContinue reading “Apache and Chinook – Rotary Wing Capability Boost – IAF”

China-Pakistan Aerospace Nexus

The JF-17 Thunder is a third generation plus fighter aircraft jointly developed by Pakistan and China. It can be considered a show-case of Sino-Pak defence cooperation. Pakistan continues to be China‚Äôs strongest ally. Their relationship became very close after Sino-Indian war of 1962. Pakistan ceded to China, 5,180 Sq. Km of land in Karakoram regionContinue reading “China-Pakistan Aerospace Nexus”