“Night Witches” – The All Female Soviet Night Bomber Aviators of WW II

“Night Witches” was a World War II German nickname for the all female military aviators of the 588th Night Bomber Regiment, known later as the 46th “Taman” Guards Night Bomber Aviation Regiment, of the Soviet Air Forces. Though women were initially barred from combat, Major Marina Raskova used her position and personal contacts with the Chairman of the Council of People’s Commissars, Joseph Stalin, to obtain permissionContinue reading ““Night Witches” – The All Female Soviet Night Bomber Aviators of WW II”

Single Pilot Resource Management: the Need for Formal Training

There is no one right answer in aeronautical decision-making. Each pilot is expected to analyze each situation in light of experience level, personal minimums, and current physical and mental readiness level, and make his or her own decision. Single-pilot resource management (SRM) is the art of managing all onboard and outside resources available to aContinue reading “Single Pilot Resource Management: the Need for Formal Training”

Günther Rall – Third Highest scoring Air Ace of All Times – 275 Victories

General Günther Rall was a highly decorated German military aviator, whose military career spanned nearly forty years. Rall was the third most successful fighter pilot in aviation history, behind Gerhard Barkhorn, who is second, and Erich Hartmann, who is top scoring air ace of all times. Rall flew combat missions in the Battle of France, and Battle of Britain. He wasContinue reading “Günther Rall – Third Highest scoring Air Ace of All Times – 275 Victories”

MiG 21 and IAF: A Developmental Perspective

This is a story that traces MiG 21’s history with Indian Air Force (IAF) and impact from a developmental perspective rather than an operational one. How the legend was born into IAF. Due to the large number of types inducted, IAF had an important role in developmental cycle of the plane and hence, had impactContinue reading “MiG 21 and IAF: A Developmental Perspective”

Crew Resource Management (CRM) and the Aircraft Commander – A View

Many an air accidents have occurred because of flaws in management of the very important resource, the cockpit crew.  Crew resource management or cockpit resource management (CRM) is a set of training procedures for use in environments where human error can have devastating effects. Used primarily for improving aviation safety, CRM focuses on interpersonal communication, leadership, and decision making in the cockpit of an airliner. Its pioneer wasContinue reading “Crew Resource Management (CRM) and the Aircraft Commander – A View”

Vimana: The Ancient Indian Aerospace Craft – Time for Indigenisation

Atmanirbharta (indigenisation), or achieving self-reliance in defence manufacturing is one of the key national objectives of India today. The focus has been on reducing dependency on defence imports and indigenisation of the items presently being imported. A key area of action is the aerospace, which is not only cost intensive but also sees early obsolescence.Continue reading “Vimana: The Ancient Indian Aerospace Craft – Time for Indigenisation”

The Aviator – A Short Poem

Mother earth, the blue planet, a spinning ball racing through the universe Milky Way, the Sun, the moon, sister planets, what a family in perfect verse Evolution, habitation, from sea to land, and finally the birds and the bees Desire to fly, man and wings, Pegasus, Da Vinci, all wanted to be geese Sky, theContinue reading “The Aviator – A Short Poem”