Vimana: The Ancient Indian Aerospace Craft – Time for Indigenisation

Atmanirbharta (indigenisation), or achieving self-reliance in defence manufacturing is one of the key national objectives of India today. The focus has been on reducing dependency on defence imports and indigenisation of the items presently being imported. A key area of action is the aerospace, which is not only cost intensive but also sees early obsolescence.Continue reading “Vimana: The Ancient Indian Aerospace Craft – Time for Indigenisation”

The Aviator – A Short Poem

Mother earth, the blue planet, a spinning ball racing through the universe Milky Way, the Sun, the moon, sister planets, what a family in perfect verse Evolution, habitation, from sea to land, and finally the birds and the bees Desire to fly, man and wings, Pegasus, Da Vinci, all wanted to be geese Sky, theContinue reading “The Aviator – A Short Poem”

Artificial Intelligence in Military Aviation

In mid 2018, the then Minister of State for Defence Subhash Bhamre informed the Lok Sabha that his ministry had initiated the process of preparing Indian defence forces in use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It shall be used for national security and military strategic purposes and the government was studying a task force report  byContinue reading “Artificial Intelligence in Military Aviation”