The Aviator – A Short Poem

anil chopra. air power asia, Aviator Poet

Mother earth, the blue planet, a spinning ball racing through the universe

Milky Way, the Sun, the moon, sister planets, what a family in perfect verse

Evolution, habitation, from sea to land, and finally the birds and the bees

Desire to fly, man and wings, Pegasus, Da Vinci, all wanted to be geese

The Earth. Image Source:

Sky, the blue yonder, limitless expanse, mostly at peace, sometimes afire

Beautiful morning sky, streaks of white, the evening red, like the funeral pyre

Like cycle of life for billions of years, day and night, light and dark

Rain and icing, thunder clouds, clear air turbulence, an Aviator’s lark

The Evening Sky. Image Source:

Science, ambition to fathom the unknown, part of human endeavour and right

Over a century ago, heavier than air, daring launch, Wright brother’s flight

Mankind takes ‘Wings’, airborne, another dimension charted, takes to height

Unfolded a race to conquer the air and the far flung space well beyond sight

Wilbur and Orville Wright, U,S,A, pictured making the world’s first hour-long flight by aeroplane at Fort Myer, Virginia, in 1907, They became the first to fly an heavier than air machine on 17th, December 1903. Image Source: (Photo by Popperfoto/Getty Images)

Airborne, freedom, soaring alone, aviator’s privilege, cut above the rest

Bird’s eye view, beautiful mother earth, horizon, lifetime’s worth the test

Soon carrying mail, passengers and cargo across oceans to earth’s end

Observation posts in the sky, guns and bombs, then a world war to contend

A Bird’s eye view. Image Source:

Jet engines, precision weapons, fly-by-wire, avionics, the innocence was lost

Space, a new frontier, Man on Moon, robot on Mars, a push ahead at any cost

Gravity defying space station, GPS, Google maps, all info on the palm

Data links on call; the unmanned invaders disturbing the free Aviator’s calm

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). Image Source:

All pervading control, exclusive domain, Aviator once master of the sky

A century of fun, out manoeuvred? Under threat of remote control, well nigh

Zero visibility, zero height, auto-landing, today you can have it all

Rather suffer a bad landing than a plane without a pilot or hostess on call

The Bird Man Image Source You Tube

Seat of the pant, ‘g’ forces, adventure, risk to life, adrenal rush, which chair?

Luckily Designers and Aviators, old buddies, no one can break their love affair

Flier here to stay, great century ahead, new horizons, air and space combine

Again don Raybans, blue scarf, brylcream hair, and life will be a pantomime

Author, Chopsyturvey  an Aviator-Poet

Picture Source:

Published by Anil Chopra

I am the founder of Air Power Asia and a retired Air Marshal from the Indian Air Force.

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